Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery

Patients suffering intense back pain that has not improved with physical therapy, medication or other treatment methods might benefit from spine surgery. Successful spinal surgery can alleviate chronic neck or back pain, improve mobility and reduce the need for medications. With your newfound relief from back pain, you might also find that your fitness level and mood both improve. Additionally, many patients who have been unable to work due to back pain are able to return to work or be more productive following spine surgery.

The need for spinal surgery is often due to the occurrence of a neck or back injury or deterioration of various components along the spine, such as discs or vertebrae. Dr. J. Kevin Kaufman is a neurosurgeon in Fort Worth, TX with experience performing spine surgery. If you are struggling with chronic neck or back pain, Dr. Kaufman can help determine if you might benefit from undergoing this procedure.

Types of Spine Surgery

There are several types of surgery that can be performed on the spine to address the different causes of back pain. The most common type of spine surgery done to alleviate back pain is spinal fusion. For this type of surgery, two or more vertebrae are fused together to prevent movement in that area. Spinal fusion is performed when the movement of specific vertebrae are causing the pain.

Disc replacement is another type of spine surgery. This procedure involves replacing an injured or damaged spinal disc. The surgeon places and artificial replacement disc between the vertebrae where the original disc was removed. Whereas spinal fusion limits movement in the area where the surgery was performed, disc replacement surgery preserves mobility.

Interlaminar implant surgery is a type of spine surgery performed on the lower back area. A device in the shape of a “U” is placed between two vertebrae to open up the space between them. By keeping this space open, there should be less pressure on the spinal nerves, which should alleviate the pain caused by pressure in that area.

Two additional types of spine surgery include Laminectomy and Foraminotomy. Both procedures are performed to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves, which should result in diminished back pain. A laminectomy involves removing ligaments, parts of the bone or bone spurs in the back. A foraminotomy involves cutting away bone along the sides of the vertebrae in order to create a wider space for the nerves exiting the spine.

If you are suffering from extensive back pain, spine surgery can potentially alleviate your discomfort. Contact Dr. Kaufman, your Fort Worth neurosurgeon, to discuss your situation and learn whether spine surgery can benefit you.

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