When a patient has a medical problem that’s related to brain function, head trauma or a spinal condition, a neurosurgeon is the doctor who can best diagnose and resolve the issue. A neurosurgeon can provide non-invasive treatments as well as perform surgeries when needed. Learn more about neurosurgeons, including their training and some of the most common procedures that they perform on patients. 

What Is a Neurosurgeon?
A neurosurgeon is a highly specialized, skilled and trained doctor who focuses on surgeries related to the nervous system. That includes surgeries for brain diseases, tumors and congenital disorders. A neurosurgeon commonly receives over 15 years of rigorous medication education that includes intensive study of the brain, spine and other parts of the central and peripheral nervous system.

The Operations Neurosurgeons Perform
Neurosurgeons are most commonly known for performing complex brain surgeries, such as the removal of tumors or repairing hemorrhages that are caused by head injuries. But they also frequently operate on the spine. Spine surgery is a common treatment for patients who have intense back and neck pain that won’t respond to physical therapy or medication. Procedures include spine fusion, disc replacement, interlaminar implant surgery and operations to remove ligaments or bones that are putting pressure on the nerves. Spinal surgery is a specialty of Dr. J. Kevin Kaufman, a Fort Worth, TX neurosurgeon.

Seeing a Neurosurgeon
A visit to a neurosurgeon may be recommended by a primary doctor after tests determine that there’s a problem related to the nervous system. At your first appointment, you’ll provide a complete medical history and discuss your concern in detail with the doctor to decide if surgery is the right choice for your case. An X-ray and MRI or CAT scan will allow your doctor to determine the exact source of your problem and how it can be resolved with surgery. 

Scheduling an Appointment with Dr. Kaufman
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